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Find out your position in the search engine results for your targeted keywords

A top ranking in Google, Yahoo! or MSN can generate your more traffic that an avarage paid inclusion. But to be in the tops is not always easy. So find our if your pages are at least in the to 100 of the search results using a specific keyword. Our keyword ranking checker queries the major search engines with your targeted keywords and shows the first occurance of your page if this is withing the first 100 results.

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What is the difference between site indexing and site positioning

The indexing is the simple fact that your are present in a search engine's database. If you have a few links form some other sites, most of the time you don't have to do anything to get indexed. A spider will find your site and, if your site's structure is easily readable, it will index all of your content in it's database.

The site's ranking is a much more difficult task. It requires a continuous optimization work and with SEO techniquest that you can lear from our SEO Guide.