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Create an optimized sitemap for your site to achieve a better search engine indexing

To allow an easier navigation for your visitors, but also a fast and reliable site indexing maintaina an updated sitemap of your content. Our Sitemap Generator is the easy way to generate a static HTML sitemap document for your website, forum or blog that can map unlinked or database generated pages that might be difficutl to reacg by the crawler of a search engine.

Inserting the base URL of your site (usually your domain name) this script will spider your site and will automatically create a formatted HTML file, ready do be downloaded and used in your website.

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If your site already has a page that links your main content, a navigation bar or a site index, then assure to link to this also the sitemap.

Always check if the links in your sitemap are updated and valid. You may verify your link integrity with our link checker tool.