Article Submission Guidelines

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While RankingToday.com strongly encourages article marketing , we have established some basical Guidelines for Authors to adhere to in an effort to offer articles to readers that are well written and informative and not only advertising for the writer. Please read our Article Submission Guidelines before applying to become an author and before publishing articles. Understanding and adhering to RankingToday.com Article Submission Guidelines will insure the acceptance and listing of your article in our site.

Compliance with the following Article Submission Guidelines insures your article(s) approval and inclusion in our site. All of your approved articles will be published on this site, www.rankingtoday.com for distribution to other readers.

RankingToday Article Submission Guidelines:

General Guidelines:

  1. Authors submitting articles to RankingToday.com for approval to be added to the RankingToday.com site will not be compensated in any way, for the writing or submitting of any article.
  2. Author's are only permitted to submit an article to one category. If you don't see a category listed you feel is most appropriate for the subject matter of your article, please Contact Us using our "Contact Us Form". Usually we approve all reasonable new category and Sub-Catagory's, and notify you of their availability by return email. We will reply to your email within 2 business days with our decision.
  3. All author's will reserve and retain all copyright to their articles.
  4. RankingToday.com reserve the right to publish your articles anywhere on our web site, blog or syndicate through RSS Feeds. The pages where the articles will be published may display also other content, including advertising material.
  5. All articles submitted by you must be written/authored by you. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarists will be banned without recourse. Anyone proven guilty of copyright infringement will have their RankingToday.com account closed, all articles removed from the author's list and from the directory and be banned.
  6. Your article should serve to educate and inform rather than just serve as a promotional piece. Include How To's, Tips, Strategies, Techniques, Case-studies, Analyses, Opinions and/or Commentary in your articles from your own experience.
  7. Article Submission does not mean your article will be automatically accepted and listed in the RankingToday.com website. RankingToday.com has the sole authority to except or reject any article. As long as your article meets the requirements in these guidelines, your article will be accepted. However, if your article is not up to the general standards of our guidelines, RankingToday.com will indicate the reason for rejection in your rejection email notice.
  8. RankingToday.com is looking for quality articles with content that is informational and well thought out. Articles with grammatical or spelling errors will be rejected. Formatting will be covered below.
  9. If your article is rejected , you can resubmit your article 2 additional times only, with errors corrected for approval. If errors are not corrected in the 3rd submission, it will not be reconsidered for approval again.
  10. Spamming of this directory will not be tolerated. Submitting multiple copies, (2 or more), of the same article using different Titles, or with only slight modifications is strictly forbidden. Offenders will have their articles deleted, account terminated and be banned from future submissions.
  11. Offensive content will be cause for immediate account termination. Articles must not promote hate, racism, pornography, hacking, bomb building, terrorism and other illegal and/or offensive activities.
  12. While direct affiliate links won't be tolerated , you are allowed to have links to pages on your domain that redirect to your affiliate program. NO Pop-Ups Allowed, NO Java Scripting Allowed. Promotional" links are not allowed in the Title, Summary or Body of your article. However, Resource and Source Credit links, Up to a maximum of 3 "Source" links, (Links to a third party work you are referencing for credibility), in the body of your article are allowed.

Article Structure Guidelines

  1. Download links are STRICTLY Forbidden. No direct links to any type of digital download are allowed.
  2. RankingToday.com does not accept articles that have the same ACTIVE link more than once. Do not submit duplicate identical URLs.
  3. RankingToday.com does not knowingly allow any URLs in any of our articles that are banned by Google or if your web site engages in questionable SEO practices -- RankingToday.com may reject your articles.
  4. RankingToday.com does not allow active links in the first sentence, or first paragraph or above the fold of an article.
  5. RankingToday.com does not auto format URL's that are in the BODY of your article.
  6. RankingToday.com does not allow articles which have strategic keyword anchor text links in the body to your domain that do not add informational value to the article. Any use of anchored text links to web sites that you own should add value to the article topic rather than stand out as an obvious abuse an anchored text link. The goal with this policy is to be a good net citizen by only allowing articles that add value with the anchored text links rather than purely for SEO reasons.
    Example: Within your article, you link the word "bird dog" to an article that you wrote about bird dogging. This is a good example of an anchored text link vs. linking the same text to your home page as it doesn't really add informational value.
  7. We recommend including a link to your web site in the Resource Box, but do not advocate including a mailto: or email link to your personal or work email account.
  8. RankingToday.com will not accept articles with links to adult oriented web sites, including but not limited to web sites that include nudity, pornography, adult-oriented shopping sites and adult-oriented sexual content or any other potentially offensive or illegal content promoting hate, racism, hacking, bomb building, terrorism or any other illegal and/or offensive activities.

The RankingToday.com Administration and Staff hopes you find our publishing process user friendly and effective.