Terms and Conditions

All the information, optimization methods and online tools offered in this website is provided as they are, without any warranties. Though I strive for perfection, and always test the validity and effectiveness of the content in various systems, we assume no responsibility for your use of our utilities and other optimization advice.

Site CheckUp usage

Using our site checkup tool the Checked URL will be examined and rated by our software. The general results will be automatically inserted in the Last 10 Checked site's list and in the Latest 100 Checked sites page. We provide the check date, the site's address, the rating and a link to visit the site. We do not pubblicly display other checkup details. As other sites are checked, older sites are removed from the Last 10 and Last 100 pages. We do not preserve hystorical data on the checked sites.

RankingToday will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages due to the usage of our tools. All use is completely at your own risk. Changes to the existing content and new additions are made to this website periodically, without notification.

You may not copy, distribute, download, display, repost, modify, transmit or use all or part of any material without my prior written permission. You may not mirror on another Web server all or part of any material published on this site, and you may not inline any of the graphics contained in any material published on this site. You can contact us using the "Contact link" available on this site.

Directory Submission Guidelines

To make our Directory as useful for our users as possible, we developed Submission Guidelines for our directory. Before signing up please read these rules. Our automated filters or our editors have the right to reject, block and delete any sites that do not follow these rules.

Site Structure

Please do not submit sites with popup windows and other technologies that interfere with viewing the main content of the site
Sites that have too many or irrlevant keywords and are created specially for Search Engines
Mirror sites that have the same content, but different URLs
Sites that are under construction. Please make sure that all images and links on your site work properly
Sites that redirect visitors to another site
The site must have a valid URL and not only an IP address
The site must be in English

Site Content

The submitted site has to be in English. It has to have original and usefull content.

While we have a large variety of content in our directory, we do not accept subscriptions for sites including pornography, adult oriented content and sites with the following prohibited content:
Sites with violent content, racial intolerance, profanity or advocacy against any individual, group, or organization
Hacking or cracking content
Illicit drugs
Gambling or casino-related content
Sales or promotion of prescription drugs
Sales or promotion of weapons, beer or hard alcohol, promotion of tobacco
Sales or promotion of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods
Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others